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The British Judo Council, 37 High Street, Stalham, Norfolk, NR12 9AH.

Tel: 01692 580900 Email: [email protected]


Affiliated to the British Judo Association

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Team BJC is the National Team of the British Judo Council and it's through the HQC that funds are made available for the team to be subsidised. This funding allows us to participate in events like the recent Irish open, the Belgium International, and the Malta International.


Unfortunately our organisation does not have the luxary of funding like some other organisations do, which sometimes reflects the limit to the funds available to Team BJC.


We are always grateful for any funding ideas and indeed any funding that you may have access to. We are always looking out for companies that may consider sponsoring our teams clothing or events.


We are currently designing team t-shirts and hooded jackets to help raise funds.


Please feel free to make any suggestions on the contact us link.


Many thanks,


Roger Harris

Team BJC Group Leader